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Reviving Stockport’s Oldest Industrial Hub

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Stockport’s Industrial heritage stems back to the 15th century, with a pipeline of silk, cloth and wool merchants all contributing towards the boroughs economic boom. By 1884, Stockport was exporting more than six million hats in a single year, establishing itself as the country’s centre for hatting.

Before Stockport’s iconic Battersby Hat Factory was built, the family manufactured their hats in one of Hopes Carr’s larger factories, one of many surrounding buildings heavily linked with the industrial revolution. Over more recent years, the area has seen significant public and private investment, transforming into a mixed-tenure residential neighbourhood; 46 modern apartments, 34 family houses and the refurbishment of Churchgate House, a grade II listed building, now constitute a large portion of the area.

Hopes Carr Phase 3 scheme is a continuation of this work and following planning approval, the project began in partnership with Stockport Homes and Seddon Construction to redevelop the site and provide much needed, high quality affordable housing. Its regeneration is putting people first, creating new communities whilst protecting local heritage

The scheme is providing a mixture of 12 two- and three-bedroom houses for shared ownership, each designed with a layout and appearance that ensures the whole site resonates with the surrounding area and the iconic original buildings.

Viaduct Housing Partnership are delighted to announce that all properties were reserved off plan and within minutes of release earlier this month.