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7 Ways to Improve Curb Appeal

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First impressions are everything. Well, not everything – but they’re super important! Remember the overflowing bins outside the first property you ever viewed? How about the mass clutter that just made you think ‘we need somewhere with more storage’? Improving your homes curb appeal is actually very easy and as this guide will show you, essential to maximising its value.

What is 'curb appeal' and why does it matter?

Picture yourself stood outside your dream property. It’s gleaming, full of character and simply waiting for you to move in. Well, you might not realise it but you’re actually picturing the general aesthetic of the property, it’s exterior condition and everything in between. Curb appeal refers to a home’s first impression before walking through the door; garden maintenance, general cleanliness, easy access and so forth.

Almost all homebuyers begin their search for a property online. Making sure you’ve ticked every curb-appealing box ensures high quality, attractive photos for your estate agent to advertise. Any signs of neglect may pose questions for potential buyers: could it mean there are underlying issues with the property? Will it cost me more money in the long run?

1) Freshen up your front door

Your front door is the gateway to your property and a new beginning for buyers. Exposed to the elements year-round, you’d be surprised at just how much impact a fresh coat of paint can have on first impressions. This cost-effective tip will enhance curb appeal and make your home stand out from the neighbours

2) Clear the bins

We know. You’re thinking, well isn’t that obvious? In fact, it’s one of the easiest things to forget when preparing your home for sale. Bins are generally seen as unattractive, smelly and an eyesore for buyers so as the old saying goes, out of sight – out of mind!

3) Green is great

Green is proven to make us feel closer to nature, and well-maintained plants and lawns show that your home is in control of it, rather than being overtaken! Keep it colourful, light and easy to access, don’t give your buyers any doubt about the inside of your home by having an overgrown or patchy garden!  

4) Clean Windows

Admit it, some house chores get the better of us and cleaning your windows might well be at the top of that list – especially the outside! Give any accessible windows a quick clean and hire a professional window cleaner for those harder to reach ones to make your home shine! It’s cost effective and you might be surprised at just how dirty they really were!  

5) Dependable Doorbell

Keep wondering why you’re missing so many parcels? Perhaps it’s not the delivery drivers’ fault after all. A working doorbell is not only a nice to have, but a great indication of the properties condition too – a wholesome first impression right before entering the home.

6) Ladders up, tools out

Small repairs are put to the back of our minds, but they could be the first thing people notice when viewing a property. A quick walk around your house and a jobs list will soon follow - fix any leaking or full gutters (a professional is recommended), replace any outdoor light bulbs, cover chips in your paintwork and cut-off those loose curtain threads.

7) Access

Getting in and out of the property is quite a big deal. Not only should you make sure any driveways or steps are clean and free of dirt, but it’s also important to remove anything that might restrict potential buyers from accessing the home. We’ve addressed overgrown gardens but consider parking on the road or further away from the property – this will make the entrance seem much bigger too!

In just one weekend your home can look revitalised and most importantly attractive to potential buyers. No matter what your budget may be, there is always a way to give your exterior a new lease of life and fully maximise its value. For more information, advice and guidance on selling your property, get in touch with our sales team today.

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